Setting Up Yahoo!Store (Aabaco) with Connect2Cart

Connect2Cart receives posts directly from Yahoo in real time as your orders are placed.  In order to setup the feed, you will need to enter a URL into your store admin that will be provided to you and then provide Connect2Cart with a couple pieces of information about your store.  The steps below will show you how to get started:

  1. Log in to your store admin.  Click on “Checkout”, then “Real-time Configuration”, then “Real-time Link Settings”.
  2. Under “Real-time Delivery” enter the following URL next to “Orders” in the first available space. Check “Include Credit Card Number” and make sure that “Yahoo Format” is selected next to Format. Click Update

  3. Publish your store to enable these checkout settings.

NOTE:  If after setting up the service your orders are not being delivered you may have to contact Yahoo support for help working around a known bug in Yahoo.  Please contact the Yahoo Small Business Escalations team and instruct them to turne on a setting on the back end to “enable RTL proxy (sha256)”.  This should resolve any issues with your store not correctly sending orders.