Setting up Stone Edge Order Manager with Connect2Cart

Creating a new cart connection with Stone Edge is simple and will only take a few minutes.  There are two main areas to focus on, creating a new shopping cart and configuring “Generic” cart system parameters.

Configure Generic Cart System Parameters

  1. From the Main Menu click Settings, then System Function, then Set System Parameters
  2. Select the “Generic Carts” Parameter Group
  3. Locate and set the following System Parameters to the corresponding values (make sure to click “Save” after setting each value):
    1. GenericImportMethod = XML
    2. GenericMaxOrderDownload = 50 (This number can be decreased if you are experiencing Internet timeout issues)
    3. GenericOrderNumberType = Varies, check with Connect2Cart for assistance on this setting
    4. GenericQOHChangeSendAsXML = True
    5. GenericScriptVersionNumber = 1
    6. GenericStatusSendXML = Set to True if you are sending status updates back to the cart, otherwise, False.
    7. GenericUseAdvancedFunctions = If you are syncing inventory with Connect2Cart set to True, otherwise, False.

Create a new Shopping Cart:

  1. From the Main Menu click Settings, then System Functions, then Shopping Carts.
  2. Above the list labeled “Carts List”, click “Add New”
  3. Complete the following fields:
    1. Store Name – Enter a user friendly name that you will use to identify orders from this sales channel
    2. Cart Type – Select “Generic”
    3. CartID/User Name – Provided by Connect2Cart
    4. Cart Password – Provided by Connect2Cart
    5. Store Code – Provided by Connect2Cart
    6. Script URL – Provided by Connect2Cart
  4. Click Save

Configure Status Updates

  1. From the Main Menu click Settings, then System Functions then Status Events.
  2. Check “Notify Cart” next to the following events:
    1. Order Add Tracking Number
    2. Order Edit Tracking Number
    3. Order Approve
    4. Order Cancel
    5. Order Import
  3. NOTE:  If you are using Status Labels other than the defaults, you will need to notify Connect2Cart of the names of your custom status labels for each of the events above.

Importing Orders

You are now ready to use your Connect2Cart integration.  Return to the main menu and click “Import Orders”.  The first time you import orders you will be prompted for a date to select to treat old orders as archived orders.  We recommend that you use this date to correspond with a “Go Live” date.