Setting up Miva for Connect To Cart

Log into your Miva Dashboard and Gather the following information

Goto Store Settings

Miva Setup 1

Look for Store Code and Record that in a text document for later

Miva Setup 2

Next we need to add a User for the API

Miva Add User 1

Click the API Token Tab

Miva API Token

Click the Add button on the right

Miva Add new API token

Add a name for the API Token and Copy the Access Token and the Signature Key to another file for use in a later step.

Miva Copy the Access token and Secret Key

The next step is to add the API token the proper groups to get the required data.  Select the API Token that was just created and then select the Groups tab

tokens and groups

Select the following groups as shown in the image

Select Groups

Miva site is now ready for Connect2Cart to make a connection.  If you would prefer to fetch Orders via workflow queues see the additional steps required below.

Login into your Connect2Cart account and select Add New Channel button

Add new channel

Select Miva

Add new miva

Give the Channel a Name that helps describe it for you into Channel Name.
Enter the url of your website.
Copy and Paste the Access Token in the Access Token field
Copy and Paste the Signature Token in the Signature
Copy and Paste the Store Code
Leave the Order Queue Name blank unless you are using the Miva Order Workflow Queue

Create Channel


Using Miva Order Workflow Queues
These must be set up in your Miva website according to your business needs.  Using these will change how Connect2Cart connects to Miva and add an additional action for acknowledging orders which removes them from the queue.  Go to your Miva Dashboard and click the utility button.

WorkflowQueue Setup

Next select the Workflow tab

Workflow setup 2

Copy the Name of the Queue you want Connect2Cart to pull orders from.

Workflow Queue

When adding the Channel put this Queue name into the Order Queue Name instead of leaving it blank.

Create Channel