Setting up BVCommerce with Connect2Cart

To allow Connect2Cart (C2C) to get and manage order feeds from BVCommerce, you will have to give C2C access to your feeds. This is done by creating a WebServices User in the BV Commerce Admin. The final step is to provide C2C with the username and password for that new user.  This is a special user account which only grants us access to the data feeds, and does not allow access to your Admin.

Connect2Cart is able to grab full order data from BVCommerce, and push inventory stock levels and order status back up to BVCommerce.

  1. Log in to your BVCommerce Admin
  2. On the top navigation bar, select “People”, then “Users”.  On the “Users” page click “New”.
  3. Fill out all required fields on the “Account Info” section of the User form.   
  4. Under Groups, select “Web Services Access” and user the left arrow button to add it to the “Member of” box.
  5. Send your username, password and store URL to to enable the feed.