Setting up Amazon with Connect2Cart

To allow Connect2Cart (C2C) to get and manage order feeds from Amazon you will have to give access to your feeds. This is done by giving our account access to your feeds in the Seller Management website. The final step is to provide C2C with your MarketId which we use to connect to your data Amazon feeds.  Connect2Cart is able to grab full order data from Amazon, and push inventory stock levels and order status to Amazon.

  1. Log on to your Seller Central Management console in Amazon.  Note:  You must be logged in with your main Administrator account.
  2. Go To Settings > User Permissions
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and select the Authorized a Developer button
  4. Select Authorize a Developer radio button and enter in the information about us provided below:
    Developer’s Name:  “Esperanto Commerce”
    Developer’s Account Number:  “0743-9922-8709”
    Click “Next”
  5. Select the authorized check box.
    Click “Next”
  6. The next page shows the page C2C needs to setup access on our part. Please send us the information listed below so that we can setup your account on our side.
  7. After this step we will enter in the information on our side and we will handle the process from there. Depending on the situation you may have to adjust permissions but this is handled on a case by case basis.  When your account is created, we will send you access credentials to enter into the Stone Edge Order Manager.